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Astronomical benefits and cosmic success!

Ad-Stars Web Advertising Service will help you monetize your site by converting traffic into cash payments. A platform of any subject and format can be a traffic channel and generate constant income, be it a website, a blog, a page on a social network or a landing page. The difference is only in the number of visitors: the more visitors your site has, the more your traffic costs. The more conversions to the advertiser's site, the higher your profit.

With the Ad-Stars service, you can control the monetization of the site online. The process is maximally automated and convenient. Our advertising network has a massive database of users who want to place their ads on third-party resources. The system tracks and filters all requests according to the necessary advertising requirements to attract the target audience. As a result, you receive traffic that corresponds to your offer, thus increasing the income of the site that directs traffic.

With Ad-Stars, your conversions will move to the top. Because by understanding the methodology of working with traffic, with a skilful approach and proper tuning, this format will bring you high income!

Increase your ROI with Ad-Stars!


The time for star impressions has come

The development of a commercial site requires a constant increase in relevant visitors. This is where traffic processing can help. The publication of advertisements in high-traffic areas provides a rapid increase in the number of users on the site.

Ad-Stars implements all the necessary features to get targeted traffic to your website. We use high-level behavioural transitions, due to which the confidence of search engines in your resource is growing, increasing the number of visitors.

Using Ad-Stars, you get:
  • The quality and quantity of traffic. With us, you can choose the necessary amount of traffic on one site without risking the reputation of your brand.
  • Target accuracy. We customise our requests in detail using proven technologies such as wide geo-targeting, retargeting, ORTB, XML, JSON, and user timing on your site.
  • Uniform and natural traffic. We provide a uniform distribution of traffic according to the time zone and the given period performing the transitions from unique IP addresses and devices.
  • Variety of advertising formats. We individually select advertising formats for our clients depending on their objectives.

To properly prepare a request for receiving relevant traffic, it is necessary to define the goal of Internet advertising. For this purpose, you need to analyse the site, select keywords and phrases, determine the amount of traffic and visitors, the number of page views, time spent on the site, geo-targeting and traffic sources.

Imagine that you can clarify the details of the system, perform optimisation of results, create and finally set up and run an advertising campaign right now!

Still, have questions? We are ready to answer them!

Increase your profit with Ad-Stars!