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Anti-Crisis Advertising
The economic crisis leads to the bankruptcy of some brands and brings others to popularity and success. How to make sure that your business is not going to die at the end of the economic crisis?

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Ok, Google. Why Do We Need to Optimize Content for Voice Traffic?
The convenience of voice search among consumers forces businesses to adapt content to voice traffic. The owner of a smartphone no longer needs to google the request on the keyboard. It's more convenient to voice it in seconds and get the expected result. The voice search function is now available in smart watches and smart speakers. In the future, the list of such devices will increase. And the need for businesses to adapt content for voice traffic is becoming apparent.

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Caution, pop-ups! Or Types of Ad That Users Love
Chrome, followed by Yandex, started automatically block annoying ads, and full-screen pop-ups are in the top of their blocking list. Numerous studies among different audiences consider this particular type of advertising the most annoying.

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